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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Auxin, denitrification, and heavy metal resistance related genes of Pseudarthrobacter sp. NIBRBAC000502772

Gene Size (bp) Product Locus-tag

ami 1,455 Amidase NIBR502772_03500
trpA 1,266 Tryptophan synthase subunit alpha NIBR502772_10900
trpB 1,266 Tryptophan synthase subunit alpha NIBR502772_10895
trpC 822 Tryptophan biosynthesis protein TrpC NIBR502772_10890

narT 1,220 Nitrate transporter NIBR502772_12630
nar 1,352 Nitrate reductase NIBR502772_03465
narG 3,710 Nitrate reductase alpha chain NIBR502772_12650
narH 1,712 Nitrate reductase beta chain NIBR502772_12645
narI 800 Nitrate reductase gamma chain NIBR502772_12635
narJ 620 Nitrate reductase chaperone NIBR502772_12640
nirC 851 Nitrite transporter NIBR502772_20735
nirB 2,630 Nitrite reductase large subunit NIBR502772_08815
nirD 362 Nitrite reductase small subunit NIBR502772_08820
nirK 1,745 Nitrite reductase NIBR502772_18940

Heavy Metals

arsR 755 Arsenical resistance operon repressor NIBR502772_07390

arsC 710 Arsenate reductase NIBR502772_18480
422 NIBR502772_18490

copC 629 Copper resistance protein NIBR502772_04590
copD 2,150 NIBR502772_01160

cueO 461 Blue copper oxidase NIBR502772_00065
461 NIBR502772_00155
578 NIBR502772_13885
1,082 NIBR502772_21375

mco 1,463 Multicopper oxidase NIBR502772_14080
1,448 NIBR502772_17550
1.499 NIBR502772_19270
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