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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Distribution of TA systems in adherent-invasive E. coli strain NRG857c

In this table, the 32 TA systems of adherent-invasive E. coli (AIEC) strain NRG857c have been classified according to types of TA systems. The data were analyzed by comparing toxin-antitoxin database (https://bioinfo-mml.sjtu.edu.cn/TADB2/index.php) and a recent study about AIEC TA systems (Bustamante and Vidal, 2020). There are 15 type I, 14 type II, 1 type IV, and 2 type V TA systems. Toxin family names in the table were determined based on the conserved domain of toxins, and the numerical numbering of TA systems was given to distinguish the TA systems within the same toxin family name, which have distinct loci. For example, in the case of parEB, it has three TA loci, which were designated as parEB-1, parEB-2, and parEB-3. Even though TA systems with a sequence similarity are expected to be the same family, individual function of each toxin has not been determined yet.

Type Family name TA system name TA locus number
Type I hok hok/sok 6
ldr ldr/rdl 2
ibs ibs/sib 4
shoB shoB/ohsC 1
dinQ dinQ 1
symE symE/symR 1

Type II ccdB ccdBA 1
hipA hipAB 2
yjjJ/hipB 1
relE relEB 1
parE parEB 3
yoeB/yefM 1
yhaV yhaV/sohA(=prlF) 1
fic fic/yhfG 1
yafO yafON 1
mazF mazFE 2

Type IV cptA cptA(=ygfX)/cptB 1

Type V ghoT ghoT/ghoS 1
ortT ortT(=ydcX)/- 1
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