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Table. 4.

Table. 4.

Distribution of chromosomal TA systems in non-pathogenic E. coli strain K-12

In this table, 38 TA systems of non-pathogenic Escherichia coli strain K-12 substr. MG1655 have been classified according to types of TA systems. The data were analyzed by comparing toxin-antitoxin database (https://bioinfo-mml.sjtu.edu.cn/TADB2/index.php) and a recent study about AIEC TA systems (Bustamante and Vidal, 2020). One of two unclassified type II TA systems has the same RHH-RelE domain as relBE and the other one does not contain any conserved domain.

Type Family name TA system name TA locus number
Type I ldr ldr/rdlD 4
hok hok/sok 6
ralR ralRA 1
ibs ibs/sib 5
shoB shoB/ohsC 1
dinQ dinQ/agrB 1
tisB tisB/istR 1
symE symER 1

Type II hipA hipAB 1
relE relEB 3
yoeB yoeB/yefM 1
yhaV yhaV/prlF 1
fic fic/yhfG 1
mazF mazFE 2
rnlA rnlAB 1
mqsR mqsR/mqsA(=ygiT) 1
hicA hicAB 1
unclassified unclassified 2

Type IV yoeUV yoeUV 1
cptAB cptAB 1

Type V ghoTS ghoTS 1
ortT ortT 1
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