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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Genome status, accession numbers of strains and protein accession numbers of cas1 and cas2 proteins

Strains Isolation source Accession number Genome status Protein accession numbers

Cas 1 Cas 2
1. L. curvatus MRS6 fermented sausage salsiz NZ_CP022474.1 Complete WP_089556640.1 WP_076787944.1
2. L. curvatus TMW 1.1928 raw fermented sausage NZ_CP031003.1 Complete WP_076787942.1 (II-A) WP_116843571.1 (II-A)
WP_116843621.1 (I-E) WP_035186877.1 (I-E)
3. L. curvatus WiKim52 Kimchi NZ_CP016602.1 Complete WP_004270938.1 (II-A) WP_035186767.1 (II-A)
WP_004271059.1 (I-E) WP_065825767.1 (I-E)
4. L. curvatus IRG2 adult feces NZ_CP025476.1 Complete WP_126133367.1 WP_076787944.1
5. L. curvatus WiKim38 Baechu-Kimchi NZ_CP017124.1 Complete WP_004270938.1 WP_035186767.1
6. L. curvatus CBA3617 Kimchi NZ_CP042389.1 Complete WP_146955371.1 WP_035186767.1
7. L. curvatus NFH-Km12 kabura-zushi AP018699.1 Complete BBE26068.1 BBE26069.1
8. L. curvatus FBA2 radish and carrot pickled with rice bran and salt NZ_CP016028.1 Complete WP_004270938.1 WP_081273026.1
9. L. curvatus JCM 1096 = DSM 20019 milk NZ_CP026116.1 Complete WP_004270938.1 WP_128486164.1
10. L. curvatus FLEC03 Beef carpaccio NZ_LT841333.1 Draft WP_004270938.1 WP_076787944.1
11. L. curvatus VRA_2sq_f Pheasant, gastrointestinal tract NZ_WKLA01000001.1 Draft WP_154241856.1 WP_154241857.1
12. L. curvatus VRA_2sq_n pheasant, gastrointestinal tract NZ_WKKT01000001.1 Draft WP_154241856.1 WP_154241857.1
13. L. curvatus MGYG-HGUT-00020 human gut NZ_CABIVZ010000012.1 Draft WP_004270938.1 WP_035186767.1
14. L. curvatus SRCM103465 food NZ_CP035110.1 Complete ND ND
15. L. curvatus KG6 salami NZ_CP022475.1 Complete WP_089542142.1a WP_076787944.1a
16. L. curvatus ZJUNIT8 Chinese pickle NZ_CP029966.1 Complete ND ND
17. L. curvatus RI-198 unknown NZ_MKGC01000036 Draft WP_076787942.1a WP_076787944.1a
18. L. curvatus strain RI-193 unknown NZ_MKGD01000053 Draft WP_076787942.1a WP_076787944.1a
19. L. graminis DSM 20719 grass silage NZ_AYZB01000035 Draft WP_057908334.1 WP_057908333.1
20. L. graminis LG542 grass silage NZ_CP045007.1 Complete WP_057908334.1 WP_057908333.1
21. L. fuchuensis DSM 14340 vacuum-packaged beef NZ_AZEX01000047 Draft WP_025083228.1 WP_056950500.1
22. L. fuchuensis MFPC41A2801 Beef carpaccio NZ_LT984417.1 Draft WP_106483292.1 WP_056950500.1
23. L. sakei Probio65 kimchi NZ_CP020806 Draft ND ND
24. L. sakei WiKim0073 kimchi NZ_CP025203.1 Draft ND ND
25. L. sakei J18 pork sausage NZ_LT907930.1 Draft WP_100970347.1 WP_100970346.1
26. L. sakei J112 pork sausage NZ_LT907933.1 Draft WP_013728651.1 WP_112212598.1
27. L. sakei J160x1 Horse meat NZ_LT907931 Draft WP_112217705.1 WP_112217704.1
28. L. sakei J156 Pork sausage NZ_LT907929 Draft ND ND
29. L. sakei ye2 Unknown CP064817 Complete ND ND
30. L. sakei CBA3614 kimchi NZ_CP046037.1 Complete ND ND
31. L. sakei DSM 20017 = JCM 1157 moto starter of sake NZ_AP017929.1 Complete ND ND
32. L. sakei DS4 Korean kimchi NZ_CP025839.1 Complete WP_104964709.1 WP_100970346.1
33. L. sakei J64 pork sausage NZ_LT960781.1 Complete ND ND
34. L. sakei CBA3635 Unknown NZ_CP059697.1 Complete ND ND
35. L. sakei MFPB16A1401 Beef carpaccio NZ_LT960788.1 Complete ND ND
36. L. sakei MBEL1397 kimchi NZ_CP048116.1 Complete ND ND
37. L. sakei WiKim0063 cabbage NZ_CP022709.1 Complete ND ND
38. L. sakei MFPB19 Beef carpaccio NZ_LT960784.1 Complete ND ND
39. L. sakei WiKim0072 kimchi NZ_CP025136.1 Complete ND ND
40. L. sakei J54 Pork sausage NZ_LT960790.1 Complete WP_002831106.1 WP_076648253.1
41. L. sakei ZFM220 raw cow milk NZ_CP032633.1 Complete ND ND
42. L. sakei ZFM225 raw cow milk NZ_CP032635.1 Complete ND ND
43. L. sakei LZ217 fermented vegetables NZ_CP032652.1 Complete ND ND
44. L. sakei ZFM229 fermented vegetables NZ_CP032640.1 Complete ND ND
45. L. sakei LK-145 microbial mat material NZ_AP017931.1 Complete ND ND
46. L. sakei WiKim0074 kimchi NZ_CP025206.1 Complete ND ND
47. L. sakei FAM18311 food NZ_CP020459.1 Complete ND ND
48. L. sakei FLEC01 Human feces NZ_LT960777.1 Complete WP_002831106.1 WP_076648253.1
49. L. sakei 23K Unknown NC_007576.1 Complete ND ND
50. L. sakei DSM 15831 fermented meat NZ_AZFG01000025 Draft WP_013728651.1 WP_076648253.1
51. L. sakei RI-404 Unknown NZ_MKDE01000008 Draft WP_076648250.1 WP_076648253.1
52. L. sakei L15 Unknown NZ_SCIF00000000 Draft WP_112217705.1a WP_112217704.1a
53. L. sakei RI-517 cacao been fermentation NZ_MKGH01000010 Draft ND ND
54. L. sakei RI-409 Unknown NZ_MKGB01000001 Draft ND ND

ND, Not detected.

a Cas genes are present but repeat-spacer array is missing.

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