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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Generation of KVAC-PvMSP133. (A) Construction of the shuttle vector for producing a vaccine expressing PvMSP133. GFP marker region in pVVT1-GFP-C7L was replaced by PvMSP133 sequence by sfiI double digestion. (B) Immunoblot of KVAC-PvMSP133 viral vaccine produced in Vero cells. Vero cells inoculated with shuttle vector and KVAC103 vector were cultured to produce viral vaccines. Then, cells and culture media were harvested and lysed to obtain vaccines using standard protocol elsewhere. Production of vaccines were confirmed by immunoblot using anti-PvMSP133 antisera produced from BALB/c mice immunized with the recombinant PvMSP133 protein. Virus produced using pVVT1-GFP-C7L shuttle vector, named as KVAC-GFP, was used as a negative control. Cell lysate, Vero cell lysate; Secretion, Vero cell culture media. Same results were obtained by duplicated experiments.
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