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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. Comparison of amino acid sequences of esterases by multiple alignment. The aligned sequences are the representative esterases: EstK, esterase from K. pneumoniae CJ-317 (278 AAs) in this study; accession number AAB35246.1, esterase from P. putida MR-2068 (276 AAs); ABA39859.1, esterase from P. putida IFO12996 (276 AAs); BAA02052.1, arylesterase from P. fluorescens SIK WI (236 AAs); BAC55927.1, dihydrocoumarin hydrolase from A. calcoaceticus F46 (276 AAs). The alignment was performed using the MUSCLE program. Identical amino acids are shown in the box, where a gray background indicates identical or equivalent amino acids.
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