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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Characteristics of isolated strains from feces of horse and wild roe deer

Source Phylum 16S rRNA read length (bp) Strain* Accession number Closest strain in NCBI Blast(Accession number) NCBI Blast (% Identity) Closest strain in EzBioCloud(Accession number) EzBioCloud (% identity) Growth medium Gram stain Colony color
Horse feces Actinobacteria 1,265 JHP1(4) OM392186 Calidifontibacter indicus strain PC IW02(NR_115977.1) 100 Calidifontibacter indicus PC IW02T (EF187228) 100 MRS positive White or light yellow
1,351 JHP7(4) OM390583 Micrococcus luteus strain AJ54(MT533935.1) 99.7 Micrococcus luteus NCTC 2665T(CP001628) 99.33 MRS positive yellow
1,507 JHP9(2) OL468816 Brachybacterium sp. strain IARI-ABL-35(KC581678.1) 98.06 Brachybacterium nesterenkovii CIP 104813T (FWFG01000034) 97.85 MRS, TSA positive White
1,323 JHP12(5) OM390584 Rothia dentocariosa strain S9(KM225760.1) 100 Rothia dentocariosa ATCC 17931T (CP002280) 99.92 MRS positive White
1,291 JHP20(3) OM390585 Kocuria palustris strain APP63(MT534060.1) 99.61 Kocuria palustris DSM 11925T (Y16263) 99.61 MRS positive light yellow
Firmicutes 1,376 JHP10(6) OM390586 Bacillus safensis strain JLS5(MT501806.1) 100 Bacillus pumilusATCC 7061T (ABRX01000007) 99.93 MRS, TSA positive White
1,346 JHP21(3) OM390587 Streptococcus salivarius strain 2789 (MT611793.1) 100 Streptococcus salivarius NCTC 8618T (CP009913) 100 MRS positive White
Proteobacteria 1,356 JHP4(3) OM390588 Acinetobacter sp. strain 7a1R-BL14 (MT008000.1) 100 Acinetobacter pseudolwoffii ANC 5044T (PHRG01000001) 98.97 MRS Negative White or light yellow
Wild roe deer feces Actinobacteria 1,269 JN27(1) OM392187 Oerskovia enterophila strain RAMS6 (MK176306.1) 99.92 Oerskovia enterophila DSM 43852T(MAQA01000098) 99.92 MRS positive White
1,354 JN32(3) OM390589 Arthrobacter gandavensis strain LR2314 (MF682936.1) 99.85 Arthrobacter gandavensis R5812T (AJ316140) 99.63 MRS positive yellow
1,348 JN33(4) OM390590 Arthrobacter luteolus strain OAct523 (KJ812377.1) 99.93 Arthrobacter luteolus NBRC 107841T (BCQM01000025) 100 MRS positive yellow
1,162 JN42(2) OM390591 Arthrobacter sp. strain zg-ZUI100 (MW715062.1) 99.83 Arthrobacter citreus DSM 20133T (X80737) 99.31 MRS positive yellow
Firmicutes 1,396 JN7(6) OM390592 Bacillus zhangzhouensis strain cqsV18 (MN826587.1) 99.93 Bacillus pumilus ATCC 7061T (ABRX01000007) 99.93 MRS positive White
1,321 JN18(2) OM390593 Staphylococcus epidermidis strain 3039 (MT613456.1) 99.92 Staphylococcus epidermidis NCTC 11047T (UHDF01000003) 99.92 MRS positive White
1,382 JN20(5) OM390594 Bacillus cereus strain MD152(MT642947.1) 100 Bacillus paramycoides NH24A2T (MAOI01000012) 100 MRS positive White
1,365 JN2-4(4) OM390595 Enterococcus gallinarum strain 4493 (MT584665.1) 100 Enterococcus gallinarum NBRC 100675T (BCQE01000074) 99.85 MRS positive White
Proteobacteria 1,356 JN9(5) OM390596 Escherichia coli strain CCFM8328(KJ803885.1) 100 Escherichia marmotae HT073016T (JNBP01000188) 99.48 MRS Negative White

*The numbers in the parenthesis following strain name indicates number of additional redundant colonies with cutoff value of 99.7% 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity.

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