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Table. 3.

Table. 3. Summary of potassium regulation processes controlled by PTS<sup>Ntr</sup>
Organism Phenotype Regulator Mechanism
Escherichia coli Leucine is toxic for cell growth in ptsN mutants. EIIANtr Elevated K⁺ concentration inhibits AHAS I activity and synthesis. Therefore, leucine inhibits remaining AHAS III
EIIANtr inhibits K⁺ influx at high K⁺ concentrations EIIANtr EIIANtr binds low affinity K⁺ transporter TrkA
EIIANtr stimulates K⁺ influx at low K⁺ concentrations EIIANtr EIIANtr binds to and stimulates KdpD kinase, which mediates high affinity K⁺ transporter KdpFABC synthesis
dephospho-EIIANtr inhibits K⁺ limitation whereas external K⁺ signal stimulates it EIIANtr Dephosphorylated EIIANtr inhibits YcgO K⁺ efflux activity
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