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Fig. 1.

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Amino acid sequences alignments of light and heavy chain variable domain among 2G60, Mass and MassM2 and the locations of each substituted amino acid in the MassM2 Fv 3D structure modeled by AlphaFold. In (A) and (B), unknown amino acid residues in the 2G60 crystal structure were colored in blue alanine. Substituted amino acids in both Mass and MassM2 were colored in red. The substituted amino acids of MassM2 are additionally underlined. (C) shows the 3D structure of MassM2 Fv (VL-VH dimer) modeled by AlphaFold and subsequently visualized by Discovery Studio 2021 (BIOVIA). The FRs of VL were colored in blue and the FRs of VH were colored in red. The CDRs in VL and VH were colored in light green. The substituted amino acids located in CDR and FR were also colored in light green.
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58:238-44 https://doi.org/10.7845/kjm.2022.2084
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