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Complete genome sequencing of Pseudomonas parafulva PpaJBCS1880, a biocontrol and plant growth promoting agent
Korean J. Microbiol 2019;55(3):286-288
Published online September 30, 2019
© 2019 The Microbiological Society of Korea.

Swarnalee Dutta1, Alex Wabyona1, David Kakembo1, and Yong Hoon Lee1,2*

1Division of Biotechnology, Chonbuk National University, Iksan 54596, Republic of Korea
2Advanced Institute of Environment and Bioscience, Plant Medical Research Center, and Institute of Bio-industry, Chonbuk National University, Iksan 54596, Republic of Korea
Correspondence to: *E-mail:; Tel.: +82-63-850-0841; Fax: +82-63-850-0834
Received June 27, 2019; Revised August 21, 2019; Accepted August 28, 2019.
Pseudomonas parafulva PpaJBCS1880 (PpaJBCS1880) isolated from rice seeds showed strong antagonistic activity against bacterial plant pathogens by producing lipopeptide. Furthermore, the strain controlled the incidence of bacterial pustule in soybean plants and promoted the growth of rice plants. Here we present complete genome sequence of PpaJBCS1880. The genome comprises of 5,208,480 bp with GC content of 63.4%, which includes 4,487 predicted protein-coding genes, 19 rRNAs, and 74 tRNAs. Genome analysis revealed genes encoding antimicrobial secondary metabolites such as lipopeptide, pyoverdine, phenazine, and hydrogen cyanide, which are known to play essential roles in biocontrol of plant diseases.
Keywords : antagonism, biocontrol, lipopeptide, PGPR

September 2019, 55 (3)
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