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Korean J. Microbiol. 2019;55(2):87-179
Cover and Contents (Vol.55 No.2) Download
Therapeutic strategies to manage chronic wounds by using biofilm dispersal mechanisms
Jaisoo Kim, and Min-Ho Kim
Korean J. Microbiol. 2019;55(2):87-102
Exocyclic GpC DNA methyltransferase from Celeribacter marinus IMCC12053
Junghee Kim, and Hyun-Myung Oh
Korean J. Microbiol 2019;55(2):103-111
Effects of SPAC1B3.08, ortholog of Thp1/PCID2, on mRNA export in fission yeast
Jin Hee Park, and Jin Ho Yoon
Korean J. Microbiol 2019;55(2):112-116
Formulation of a medium for the fruiting body development of Myxococcus stipitatus
Hyesook Hyun, Juo Choi, Dongju An, and Kyungyun Cho
Korean J. Microbiol 2019;55(2):117-122
Cobalt complex structure of the sirohydrochlorin chelatase SirB from Bacillus subtilis subsp. spizizenii
Mi Sun Nam, Wan Seok Song, Sun Cheol Park, and Sung-il Yoon
Korean J. Microbiol. 2019;55(2):123-130
Isolation, identification, and probiotic characteristics of Bacillus strains affecting the biogenic amine content in fermented soybean paste
Eun-Seo Lim
Korean J. Microbiol. 2019;55(2):131-142
A newly isolated Klebsiella pneumoniae producing a thermostable stereo-selective esterase for production of D-β-acetylthioisobutyric acid
Yong-Joon Chung
Korean J. Microbiol 2019;55(2):143-148
Complete genome sequence of Parvimonas micra KCOM 1037 isolated from human postoperative maxillary cyst lesion
Soon-Nang Park, Yun Kyong Lim, Ja Young Shin, Hanseong Roh, Kwanju Lim, and Joong-Ki Kook
Korean J. Microbiol. 2019;55(2):149-151
Complete genome sequence of Prevotella denticola KCOM 1525 isolated from human periapical abscess
Yun Kyong Lim, Soon-Nang Park, Se Ho Park, Ja Young Shin, Hanseong Roh, and Joong-Ki Kook
Korean J. Microbiol. 2019;55(2):152-153
Complete genome sequence of Eikenella corrodens KCOM 3110 isolated from human subgingival dental plaque of periodontitis lesion
Yun Kyong Lim, Soon-Nang Park, Ja Young Shin, Hanseong Roh, Suk Ji, and Joong-Ki Kook
Korean J. Microbiol. 2019;55(2):154-156
Complete genome sequencing of Pseudomonas fluorescens NBC275, a biocontrol agent against fungal pathogens of plants and insects
Swarnalee Dutta, Sang-Mi Yu, Rajalingam Nagendran, Sang Chul Jeong, and Yong Hoon Lee
Korean J. Microbiol 2019;55(2):157-159
Draft genome sequence of Senegalimassilia sp. KGMB 04484 isolated from healthy Korean human feces
Kook-Il Han, Se Won Kang, Ji-Sun Kim, Keun Chul Lee, Mi Kyung Eom, Min Kuk Suh, Han Sol Kim, Seung-Hwan Park, Ju Huck Lee, Jam-Eon Park, Byeong Seob Oh, Seung Yeob Yu, Seung-Hyeon Choi, Dong Ho Lee, Hyuk Yoon, Byung-Yong Kim, Je Hee Lee, and Jung-Sook Lee
Korean J. Microbiol 2019;55(2):160-163
Complete genome sequence of Microbacterium aurum strain KACC 15219T, a carbohydrate-degrading bacterium
YeonGyun Jung, Byung Kwon Jung, Chang Eon Park, Jerald Conrad Ibal, Sang-Jun Kim, and Jae-Ho Shin
Korean J. Microbiol 2019;55(2):164-166
Complete genome sequence of Pantoea intestinalis SRCM103226, a microbial C40 carotenoid zeaxanthin producer
Jin Won Kim, Gwangsu Ha, Seong-Yeop Jeong, and Do-Youn Jeong
Korean J. Microbiol. 2019;55(2):167-170
Complete genome sequence of Cohnella sp. HS21 isolated from Korean fir (Abies koreana) rhizospheric soil
Lingmin Jiang, Se Won Kang, Song-Gun Kim, Jae Cheol Jeong, Cha Young Kim, Dae-Hyuk Kim, Suk Weon Kim, and Jiyoung Lee
Korean J. Microbiol. 2019;55(2):171-173
Complete genome sequence of Flavobacteriaceae strain KCTC 52651 isolated from seawater recirculating aquaculture system
Young-Sam Kim, Young Jae Jeon, and Kyoung-Ho Kim
Korean J. Microbiol 2019;55(2):174-176
Draft genome sequence of humic substances-degrading Pseudomonas kribbensis CHA-19 from temperate forest soil
Dockyu Kim, and Hyoungseok Lee
Korean J. Microbiol 2019;55(2):177-179
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