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Genetics and Molecular Biology
Development of a method to produce functional chimeric genes via single-strand annealing pathway§
Kyu-Jin Ahn, Ju-Hee Choi, Ye-Seul Lim, Min-Ku Kim, and Sung-Ho Bae
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):351-355
Effects of hrb1/SPAC328.05 on mRNA export in fission yeast
Yu Kyung Kim, Min Young Jeong, and Jin Ho Yoon
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):356-360
Ecology and Environmental Microbiology
Antifungal activity of Streptomyces strains against several toxigenic fungi
Ji-Seon Hwang and Hong-Gyu Song
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):361-367
Industry and Applied Microbiology
Evaluation of sour beer using kimchi lactic acid bacteria
Ha Yeon Lee, Jae Geel Lim, Yun Mi Ko, Yoon-Ji Goh, Sung Jin Choi, and Jin Kwan Ham
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):368-379
Anti-rotaviral and chemokine upregulation effect of Caco-2 cells induced by sonicated-Lactobacillus ruminis and Bifidobacterium longum
Hyun Jung Lim and Hea Soon Shin
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):380-386
Genome Announcements
Complete genome sequence of Altibacter species strain ALE3EI isolated from Jeju Island
Hyun-Myung Oh, Dongil Jang, and Myung Won Lee
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):387-389
Complete genome sequence of a plant growth-promoting bacterium Pseudarthrobacter sp. NIBRBAC000502772, isolated from shooting range soil in the Republic of Korea
Min-Kyu Park, Yeong-Jun Park, MinJi Kim, Min-Chul Kim, Jerald Conrad Ibal, Gi-Ung Kang, Gyu-Dae Lee, Setu Bazie Tagele, Hyuk-Joon Kwon, Myung-Suk Kang, Min-Ha Kim, Soo-Young Kim, and Jae-Ho Shin
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):390-393
Draft genome sequence of silver nanoparticle producing bacterium Paenibacillus anseongense MAH-34T
Muhammad Zubair Siddiqi, Sathiyaraj Srinivasan, Ramesh Subramani, Wan-Taek Im, and Md. Amdadul Huq
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):394-396
Complete genome sequence of Photobacterium damselae subsp. damselae KC-Na-NB1, a potential histamine producer isolated from finless porpoise (Neophocaena asiaeorientalis)
Subin Yoon, Yuna Cho, Kyunglee Lee, Se Ra Lim, Seon Young Park, Hyemin Kwon, Ye Seul Lee, Jee Eun Han, and Ji Hyung Kim
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):397-400
Complete genome of Chryseobacterium pectinilyticum G2-70 isolated from effluent of a livestock manure treatment plant
Swati Tyagi, Haeseong Lee, Hyeonbin Kim, Kui-Jae Lee, and Jong-Chan Chae
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):401-403
Complete genome sequence of Bean pod mottle virus identified from common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)
Yeonhwa Jo, Hoseong Choi, Soo Yeon Choi, Sang-Min Kim, Yu Mi Choi, Bong Choon Lee, and Won Kyong Cho
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):404-406
Complete genome sequence of Peribacillus butanolivorans KJ40, a soil bacterium alleviating drought stress in plants
Jaekyeong Song, Songwha Kim, Ju Hee An, Mee Kyung Sang, and Hang-Yeon Weon
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):407-409
Complete genome sequence of Labrys sp. KNU-23 isolated from ginseng soil in the Republic of Korea
Min-Ji Kim, Yeong-Jun Park, Min-Kyu Park, Chang Eon Park, YoungJae Jo, Setu Bazie Tagele, and Jae-Ho Shin
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):410-412
Complete genome sequence of Janibacter indicus TT2, isolated from the human ear skin
Jargal Jambaldorj, Munkhtsatsral Ganzorig, and Kyoung Lee
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):413-415
Draft genome sequence of Parasphingopyxis strain GrpM-11 isolated from coastal seawater
Ji-Sung Oh and Dong-Hyun Roh
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):416-418
Complete genome sequence of a novel algicidal bacterial strain BG1 belonging to the family Flavobacteriaceae
Ji-Sung Oh and Dong-Hyun Roh
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):419-421
Draft genome sequence of the polysaccharide degrading bacterium Cytophagaceae strain SJW1-29
Kiwoon Baek and Ahyoung Choi
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):422-425
Complete genome sequence of Parasphingopyxis sp. CP4, an asparaginase-producing marine bacterium
Yong Min Kwon, Dawoon Chung, Eunseo Cho, and Youngik Yang
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):426-429
Complete genome sequence of Brucella anthropi strain T16R-87 isolated from tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) rhizosphere
Shin Ae Lee, Mee Kyung Sang, Jaekyeong Song, Soon-Wo Kwon, and Hang-Yeon Weon
Korean J. Microbiol. 2020;56(4):430-432
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