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Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):211-341
Cover and Contents (Vol.58 No.4) Download
Genetics and Molecular Biology
Searching for marker genes to identify the telomeric silencing regulators in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Junsoo Oh, Seho Kim, Donghyun Kim, and Jung-Shin Lee
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):211-221
LAMMER kinase modulates the DNA replicative stress response in fission yeast
Garam Lee, Je-Hoon Kim, Soo Jeong Kwon, and Hee-Moon Park*
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):222-229
Physiology and Biochemistry
Quantitative analysis of the fruiting body development and sporulation of the dispersion mutant Archangium gephyra KYC5002
Jiha Kim, Uisang Yu, Seohui Park, and Kyungyun Cho*
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):230-237
Immunology and Microbial Pathogenicity
The development of MassM2 single-chain variable fragment (ScFv) antibody specific to FLAG peptide§
Jin-Kyoo Kim*
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):238-244
Ecology and Environmental Microbiology
Molecular genetic analysis of Actinobacterial odorous substances (geosmin, 2-MIB) in North Han River watershed
Seung Hyeok Soung, Keonhee Kim, Soon-jin Hwang, Young Taek Oh, Seokhyo Park, Soogon Lee, Hyein Jeong, and Song-Ih Han
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):245-254
Systematics and Evolution
Nisaea acidiphila sp. nov., isolated from a marine algal debris, emended description of the genus Nisaea Urios et al. 2008, and the emendation of Thalassobaculum salexigens as Thalassobaculum litoreum subsp. salexigens comb. nov.
Kae Kyoung Kwon, Ji-Hye Oh, Sung-Hyun Yang, Mi-Jeong Park, and Yeonju Lee
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):255-265
Jejuia spongiicola sp. nov., isolated from Callyspongia elongata§
Jeong-Hyeon Kim, Jae-Yeon Kim, and Jin-Sook Park*
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):266-274
Brevundimonas fontaquae sp. nov., isolated from Dalgi carbonate spring-water
Kyoung Lee*, Haelim Son, and Yujin Choi
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):275-285
Industry and Applied Microbiology
Taxonomic characteristics and enzyme activity of mesophile bacteria isolated from the Saemangeum dyke areas
Jaeyeong Park, Jeongmin Shin, Taehee Kim, and Jang-Seu Ki*
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):286-293
Antagonistic Bacillus having plant growth-promoting abilities and antifungal activity against phytopathogenic fungi
Ji-Won Seo, Su-Ji Jeong, Jin Won Kim, Myeong Seon Ryu, Se Won Park, Hee-Jong Yang, and Do-Youn Jeong*
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):294-301
Genome Announcements
Complete genome sequence of plant-pathogenic Pseudomonas sp. N3-W isolated from subarctic tundra soil
Dockyu Kim*, Sungho Woo, Jungeun Lee, Sanghee Kim, and Yung Mi Lee
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):302-304
Complete genome sequence of Bacillus subtilis PN176 with high fibrinolytic enzyme activity isolated from Cheonggukjang
Kang Wook Lee*, Jeong A Kim, Do Young Kwon, Il Chul Kim, and Sang Yun Lee
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):305-307
Complete genome sequence of Pseudomonas moraviensis EFBE32, a biocontrol bacterium against pepper bacterial wilt
Ju Hee An, Songhwa Kim, Mee Kyung Sang, Yong Ju Jin, Dayeon Kim, Sang Yoon Kim, and Jaekyeong Song
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):308-310
Draft genome sequence of Anaerostipes faecalis AGMB03513T, an acetate-, propionate-, and butyrate-producing bacterium isolated from swine faeces
Seung-Hyeon Choi and Seung-Hwan Park*
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):311-313
Draft genome sequence of a Flavobacterium chungbukense CS100T isolated from soil
Ji-Sung Oh and Dong-Hyun Roh*
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):314-317
Draft genome sequence of highly efficient arsenite-oxidizing bacterium Methylobacterium brachythecii C25, isolated from arsenic-contaminated soil
Sang Eun Jeong, Hye Kyeong Kang, Ji Young Jung, Mi-Hwa Lee, and Byung-Gon Ryu
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):318-320
Complete genome sequence of Serratia rubidaea AO4-P6, a biocontrol bacterium against fire blight of apple tree
Je-Seung Jeon, Seohyeon Kim, Sungsuk Oh, Hyeju Jeong, and Jaekyeong Song*
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):321-323
Complete genome sequence of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli MFDS1001074 isolated from food
Jiyoung Park, Heeyeon Ha, Eunsu Ha, Woojung Lee, Eun Sook An, Seung Hwan Kim, Jinho Choi, and Soon Han Kim
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):324-326
The complete genome sequence of Clostridium perfringens MFDS1012647, isolated from a barbeque
Soohyun Sung, Suhyun Noh, Eunsu Ha, Woojung Lee, Eun Sook An, Seung Hwan Kim, Jinho Choi, and Soon Han Kim
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):327-329
Complete genome sequence of phenol biodegrading bacterium, Microbacterium sp. ABRD28, isolated from petroleum-contaminated stream sediment
Sang Eun Jeong, Hye Kyeong Kang, Bok Yeon Jo, Byung-Gon Ryu, Mi-Hwa Lee, and Hyun Mi Jin*
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):330-331
Complete genome sequence of Bacillus licheniformis CP6 strain possessing a proteolytic enzyme activity for the degradation of the plant-based raw materials
Sang-Jae Lee, Mi Hwa Park, and Yong-Jik Lee
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):332-334
Complete genome sequence of polycaprolactone-degrading Janibacter terrae strain COS04-44, isolated from tide flat polluted with crude oil
Hyojung Park, Jae Yoon Kim, Chang Muk Lee, Sihyun An, Jehyeong Yeon, Jae-Hyung Ahn, Dayeon Kim, and Hang-Yeon Weon*
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):335-337
Complete genome sequence of Treponema denticola KCOM 3500 isolated from the subgingival plaque of a human chronic periodontitis lesion
Soon-Nang Park, Yun Kyong Lim, and Joong-Ki Kook*
Korean J. Microbiol. 2022;58(4):338-341
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