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Korean J. Microbiol. 2023;59(3):159-242
Cover and Contents (Vol.59 No.3) Download
Current status of microbiome-based therapeutics research and development
Hyunna Jung and Hyosun Cho
Korean J. Microbiol. 2023;59(3):159-172
Physiology and Biochemistry
Genetic relationship between inner membrane protein LapB and penicillin-binding protein 1b or YhcB in Escherichia coli§
Han Byeol Lee, Si Hyoung Park, and Chang-Ro Lee
Korean J. Microbiol. 2023;59(3):173-183
Ecology and Environmental Microbiology
Isolation and characterization of seven bacterial strains in Jeju Island§
Minji Kim, Ki-Eun Lee, In-Tae Cha, and Soo-Je Park
Korean J. Microbiol. 2023;59(3):184-191
Industry and Applied Microbiology
Comparison of preservation enrichment media for long storage duration of Campylobacter jejuni§
O'la AL-Fawares, Rozan O. Al-Khresieh, Walid Aburayyan, Nesrin Seder, Hala I Al-Daghistani, Nasser El-Banna, and Emran M. Abu-Taleb
Korean J. Microbiol. 2023;59(3):192-196
Antibacterial activity effect of Bacillus velezensis AYGS-17 extract against periodontal and cariogenic pathogens
Dae Won Jeong, Young-Kyung Lee, Buyug Su Hwang, Eu Jin Chung, Ahyoung Choi, Min Jin Kim, Myoung Jin Kim, Tae Jin Kim, and Young Taek Oh
Korean J. Microbiol. 2023;59(3):197-203
Recombinant expression and purification of α-carbonic anhydrases from a water bear Ramazzottius varieornatus in Escherichia coli
Ye Jin Choi and Byung Hoon Jo
Korean J. Microbiol. 2023;59(3):204-213
Genome Announcements
Complete genome sequence of Bacillus velezensis 2F-NA isolation from the soil of a livestock farmhouse
GyuDae Lee, TaeHyung Park, Min-Ji Kim, and Jae-Ho Shin
Korean J. Microbiol. 2023;59(3):214-216
Complete genome sequence of Amycolatopsis sp. strain FBCC-B4732, an actinobacterium isolated from hyporheic freshwater§
Ahyoung Choi, Kiwoon Baek, Sumin Jang, Yoonjong Nam, Young Soo Ryu, Eu Jin Chung, and Shi Hyun Ryu
Korean J. Microbiol. 2023;59(3):217-219
Draft genome sequence of Aspergillus neoniger KCN5 isolated from fermentation starter in Korea
Eunji Jeong, Jae Yun Lim, and Jeong-Ah Seo
Korean J. Microbiol. 2023;59(3):220-222
Genome sequences of the Psychrobacter sp. M13 isolated from intestine of Dokdo shrimp Lebbeus groenlandicus
Hye-Jin Park, Sang-Eon Kim, and Kyoung-Ho Kim
Korean J. Microbiol. 2023;59(3):223-226
Complete genome sequence of Algibacter luteus HNIBRBA226 isolated from coastal seawater
Seung Yeol Shin, Heeyoung Kang, and Jaeho Song
Korean J. Microbiol. 2023;59(3):227-229
Complete genome sequence of a novel soybean mosaic virus isolated from soybean seeds in Korea
You-Seop Shin, Tae-Seon Park, Ji-Soo Park, Dong-Joo Min, Ye-Yeong Kim, Sangmin Bak, Su-Heon Lee, Sang-Min Kim, Bong-Chun Lee, Won-Kyong Cho, and Jin-Sung Hong
Korean J. Microbiol. 2023;59(3):230-233
Complete genome sequence of an Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND)-causing Vibrio parahaemolyticus 19-021-D1 isolated from cultured pacific white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) at 2019 in Korea§
Ye Bin Kim, Seon Young Park, Hyemin Kwon, Chorong Lee, Hye Jin Jeon, Bumkeun Kim, Ji Hyung Kim, and Jee Eun Han
Korean J. Microbiol. 2023;59(3):234-238
Complete genome sequence of the bacteriophage vB_EfeM-pEP20 infecting Escherichia fergusonii, a new member of the genus Felixounavirus§
Seon Young Park, Ki Man Lee, Hyemin Kwon, Jee Eun Han, Ji Hyung Kim, and Jun-Seob Kim
Korean J. Microbiol. 2023;59(3):239-242
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