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Fig. 5.

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Suppression of the phenotypes of the lapB mutant by depletion of YhcB.
(A) Suppression of most phenotypes of the lapB mutant by depletion of YhcB. The indicated strain cells were serially diluted from 108 cells/ml to 104 cells/ml in 10-fold serial dilutions and spotted onto LB plates without or with indicated chemicals, an alkaline LB plate, or M9 minimal medium plates containing indicated molecules as a carbon source. Besides a plate presenting incubation temperature, all plates were incubated at 37°C. (B) LpxC levels in the lapB mutant and lapB yhcB double mutant cells. The wild-type (1), lapB mutant (2), lapB yhcB double mutant (3), and MG1655/pBAD-LpxC (4) cells were grown in an LB medium containing 0.2% arabinose. Western blot analysis with anti-LpxC and anti-FtsZ antibodies was carried out using 2 × 107 cells in MG1655/pBAD-LpxC and 2 × 108 cells in other strains, harvested at the early exponential phase. The arrow indicates LpxC proteins.
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